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The Queen-Warrior, Boudica, is still one of the most relevant cultural symbols in the Uk.

Her name has been spelled in many ways but it seems that ‘Boudica’ is the right one; ‘Boudicca’ is a typo from Tacitus and ‘Boadicea’ a medieval latinization from the monastic scribes.

While her husband still lived, their tribe, that of the Iceni, was an ally of the Romans. Although, at his death, their territories were occupied, their daughters raped and Boudica herself was heavily beaten.

Tired of the Roman influence over their lands many other tribes followed the Iceni in an uprising, lead by Queen Boudica.

They were successful in retrieving some pivotal territories, a crisis that lead Nero himself to think of loosening his grip over the Briton colonies.

But, in the end, Queen Boudica and her allies were defeated. 

The courage of this Warrior Queen gained a new fame under Queen Victoria’s realm: the long-lived monarch herself was portrayed and Queen Boudica’s ‘namesake’.

I’d like to end this entry with Tacitus’ description of Boudica; he might have been a Roman but he knew an heroine when he saw one:

In stature she was very tall, in appearance most terrifying, in the glance of her eye most fierce, and her voice was harsh; a great mass of the tawniest hair fell to her hips; around her neck was a great golden torque; and she wore a tunic of diverse colours over which a thick cloak was fastened with a brooch. This was her invariable attire.

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